The Friday Pint #137 – Kingman House of Hops Golden.

This week’s beer is one of six Arizona brewed beers I drank on February 10th at the House of Hops in Kingman, AZ.

Golden is the House of Hops house beer. I had tried it once before drinking it for the purpose of this blog. Neither time offered up anything that could really get me enthused about the beer.

Whilst drinking, I noted that it seemed bland and boring. It might be a beer that reveals more over time, but it’s not really a beer I’d want to drink again and again, especially when there are other choices on the same bar I know I’ll enjoy and get more out of.

I also wrote that Golden is “not a beer to sit and devour, and not a beer to refresh and enjoy without thinking about it either”. This was followed up by “balanced in a boring way”

The House of Hops will soon have a brewery right next door to it. Rickety Cricket is currently being built ready for opening later this year. I’m not expecting to like everything (even my favourite breweries have had brews I wasn’t a fan of) but I’m hoping they’ll have brews that are more exciting than Golden.