The Friday Pint #139 – Bells Kalamazoo Stout

After a week away (mostly spent looking for somewhere who will employ me so I can do this more often) I return with a delve into my somewhat small stash of beer at home.

I obtained the bottle of Kalamazoo stout I drank for this post as part of a six pack I purchased from the Hualapai Kwik Stop for just $4.99 plus tax. It is the fourth bottle I have opened, and probably the best so far.

The first bottle I enjoyed. The second was a disappointment compared to that first taste. The third was somewhere between the two. By this bottle, I’ve become used of what to expect. My expectations are neither too high, or too low. As such, I find myself able to enjoy it much more.

I wouldn’t call it an astounding beer. It’s not one that has made me run to social media, or my friends, and say “you must try this, it’s great”. That being said though, it’s closer to being one of those beers, than it is an “avoid at all costs” beer. I also think it’s good enough not to be grouped in with the large swathe of forgettable beers in the middle.

It is made with brewer’s licorice, and named after the city in which Larry Bell began his brewery. It’s a rather easy drinking 6% stout, and one that I like a slight bit more with each sip. I wouldn’t say go out of your way to try it, but if it comes your way, it’s worth at least a few moments of your time.