The Friday Pint 2016 #9 – Festival!

So, last week saw me at the Pittsburgh Winter Beer Festival. There were some good beers, some not so good beers, and a few old favourites.

I started with Anderson Valley’s Blood Orange Gose, which I believe was the first beer I had last year (only this time round, it wasn’t new to me). I drank this whilst standing in the queue for the Dogfish Head stand, where I got to try Romantic Chemistry for the first time. Romantic Chemistry is an IPA brewed with mangos, apricots and ginger, first released this year. It’s a beer I’ve been on the look out for on the local store’s shelf since I first saw Dogfish Head post about it on Facebook. It more than lived up to expectation, perhaps more than so, and I’d be tempted to buy a pack if I saw it on the shelf in the future.

Next up for me was an American Pale Ale from Stoudts Brewing Company. It was okay, but not enough for me to remember it a week later. North Country’s Lurnberry Stout however was nice enough for me to want to visit their bar and drink more of their beer.

Which is also the case with War Streets Brewery, a nanobrewery located in the Mexican War Streets neighbourhood of Pittsburgh. Whilst I didn’t particularly like the IPA they had on offer, the Resaca Red Ale, and Sherman St Stout (my favourite beer of the night) impressed me enough to make War Streets a brewery I want to drink more from.

Other beers consumed over the course of the evening included Thirsty Dog’s Old Leghumper, Ballast Point’s Victory At Sea, and Church Brew Works’ Spring Hill Sour.

This year was my second experience of the US style beer festival, where a single ticket price is paid, and all beer is included in that price. Whilst not having to worry about having enough money for beer is a good thing, I do find myself thinking “have I drunk the ticket’s price worth of beer yet”. Even if I take $10 off to cover admission and the glass, I don’t think I did.

If I took into account the rarity, and normal value of the beers I consumed, I probably actually did drink somewhere close to what the ticket cost. For all my focus on whether on not I got value for money from my visit, I’d still go again.

Only 51 weeks to go…