Hops to Heaven

Way back in 2004, when I was but a young 18 year old first year student at Southampton Institute on the Media Technology course, I was part of a group that decided to make a piece on beer for their video production coursework.

The rushes tapes have been sat in the small cupboard beside my bed for virtually a decade now (I can’t remember exactly when we shot the footage seen in the video, but I’m pretty sure it was early 2004, before my 19th birthday in the April of that year). This week I decided to get them transferred to a format that I can share with you, the reader of this fine blog.

I have a feeling that I may have ended up with presenting duties because no one else wanted to do it, though it may have been the case that I just wanted to be the star. I honestly can’t remember.

Hops to Heaven


The Wool House – An Update

Before Christmas I wrote about the campaign against the proposed development of one of Southampton’s historic buildings into a brewpub and restaurant. Since that time, much has happened.

The Dancing Man Brewery Team put forward their views in a letter published by The Daily Echo on the 9th January. They highlight that a lot of work is needed on the building, especially to the roof, which has suffered substantial damage in recent years. The one line that stands out in the letter for me, is the following:

we want to keep the Wool House for the community and will welcome anyone of any age who just wants to pop in to see the building.”

After having popped into the building last summer, to try and get an idea of what the potential new pub may be like, I think that The Wool House has the potential to be Southampton’s destination pub, visited not just for the beer, but for the atmosphere it has.

The 21st of January saw the petition against the proposed development close. 414 people signed the petition between 3/12/2013 and 21/1/2014. In their response to the petition, the council refer to the project as an “innovative and sustainable use of an historic building that has seen a wide variety of uses in its 600 year history.” They also highlight the fact that the team behind the Dancing Man Brewery are supporters of local musicians and bands.

Hopefully, work will begin soon on the building, and an extra stop will be added to an already promising pub crawl, which next weekend will be gaining a new stop in The Butchers Hook, a micropub in Bitterne that has some exciting beer never seen in Southampton before.

It still has a long way to match the beer scene of some other cities in the UK, but things are certainly starting to look up in Southampton.


The Friday Pint 3 #2 – The Friday Pint on a Saturday Night

This week, The Friday Pint was going to be coming to you in video form, in an attempt to test the UStream live video streaming service. As it happens, both last night and tonight, I found myself unable to reach a point where I could record any sort of video via the netbook I’m currently writing on.

As it is, my experiments with live streaming video have been postponed, and so it is that I now find myself writing for you, the reader, whilst drinking one of the many (five) beers I purchased from the Windsor and Eton Brewery yesterday.

Windsor and Eton Brewery is currently the closest brewery to where I currently reside, close enough indeed that I enjoyed a nice walk there to buy the beer. The brewery was established in 2010, and has since developed a respectable portfolio of beers.

The ones I left with were Zinzan’s Drop, Kohinoor, Republika, Conqueror 1075, and Canberra.

The Zinzan’s drop was a two litre bottle, priced at £6.50 (a little under £2 a pint). I enjoyed it enough that I drunk the whole bottle last night. It wasn’t anything life changing, but for a session beer, it serves it’s purpose well. It’s the sort of beer I could drink all night, unlike Kohinoor.

Kohinoor is an IPA. It’s a rather nice IPA. It’s a rather nice IPA with jasmine in. Which seems nice and different at first, but soon became a chore for me to enjoy. I’m pretty sure, if Kohinoor was made without the jasmine, I’d drink a lot more of it.

Both of those beers were enjoyed last night. I currently have the Republika in a glass. Whilst it doesn’t make me want to shout it’s praises from the hills or rooftops, it is a rather enjoyable and flavoursome beer.

The Conqueror and Canberra are being saved for another night, which may, hopefully be another attempt at a live stream. Until then I’m going to enjoy the rest of this beer I have in front of me, and possibly the Old Foghorn that’s sat in my fridge.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

To find our more about Windsor and Eton Brewery visit http://www.webrew.co.uk